My full resume is available in PDF form.

Core Competencies

  • Bash & Python scripting
  • Linux server CLI
  • Ansible infrastructure management
  • Jenkins build automation
  • Empathy-driven team collaboration

Secondary Skills

  • Go and Python build, test, deployment processes
  • Slack workspace management

Recent Experience

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

DevOps Engineer

Oct 2019 - Present


  • Maintain and support cloud-based development tools, like Atlassian products and Nexus artifact storage
  • Transition teams from distributed on-premise tools to central cloud tools


  • Developed and deployed Mattermost in AWS to teams across multiple banks
  • Implemented infrastructure build pipeline using Ansible and Terraform

Skills developed:

  • AWS cloud infrastructure automation with Ansible, Packer, and Terraform
  • Customer service and relationships with developers

American Greetings Interactive, Inc

Associate Web Operations Engineer

Dec 2016 - Sept 2019


  • Maintained Linux Virtual Machine infrastructure in co-location data center and AWS
  • Managed servers with custom configuration management software and with Ansible
  • Performed code change control operations for Python & Oracle Commerce platform websites
  • Developed tools for automated software deployments
  • Supported daily developer activities, including troubleshooting applications


  • Revised and standardized build and deployment processes utilizing Ansible and Jenkins
  • Transitioned organization from Atlassian HipChat to Slack
  • Refined static asset deployment pipeline, automating manual processes
  • Developed an automated deployment pipeline for AWS serverless applications

Skills developed:

  • Linux server management
  • Enterprise-scale development operations practices
  • Ability to quickly learn new code bases and infrastructure and adapt to changes
  • Communication and collaboration among teams with varying skill sets and backgrounds

Technologies I am Interested in Exploring

  • Docker and Kubernetes
  • Go and Python development